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German Presents, Jewish Pasts

The Politics of Ancient Judaism in 19th-Century Germania

Latest news

Workshop on Religion & Politics

20 December 2018

In December, Ruth Jackson and Hanna Weibye organised a stimulating workshop on politics and religion across the Germanies in the 19th...

Talk at the Woolf Institute

20 December 2018

In November, Paul gave a talk on his project for the 20th Anniversary of the Woolf Institute, in Cambridge. Information on the Research Day...

Paper at Leiden University

20 December 2018

In October, Paul presented his latest research at Leiden University, for the conference Interpreting Rituals: Historiographical...

First book published

26 September 2018

Paul's new book examines the historiography of ancient Israel in Germany circa 1900, focusing on Julius Wellhausen and Hermann Gunkel. See...

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